Balance Organic Cacao Superfoods Booster


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Need more balance in your life? Formulated to combat 3:30itis, Balance is ideal when your energy is lacking, or when you need a quick boost before a workout.

Organic cacao, one of the richest sources of antioxidants (over 40 times more than blueberries), is your superfood bursting with essential minerals.

A good source of Fibre and Zinc, enjoy this nutrient-rich blend, suitable for the whole family. Blend 2 tablespoons (20g) into 1 cup of plant-based milk to create nutrient-dense smoothies (we love adding frozen strawberries and almond milk to this blend). Alternatively, add to bliss balls or raw treats for that extra superfood hit.

Servings per pack 10. Serving Size 20g.

  • Antioxidant rich Cacao, containing four scientifically proven bliss chemicals, including serotonin
  • A good source of Fibre (19% of Adults RDI), contributing to regular laxation
  • A good source of Zinc (10% of Adults RDI), necessary for normal immune function
  • Contributes to normal energy production
  • Full of key minerals to promote wellbeing 
  • Contains magnesium, iron, potassium, polyphenols